Beauty is not just confined to the looks of a beautiful young woman, beauty can come in the forms of nature, of people's souls, of art and words, and more. You can choose to see beauty everywhere, or you can choose to remain untouched.

When you look at the trees, at the flowers, at the clouds, do you feel blessed to be surrounded by such glorious beauty? When you speak to a wise woman, do you see her inner beauty glowing underneath the weathered and wrinkled face? When you play with a child, do you feel warmed up by the beauty of innocence?

I hope that you'll be constantly surrounded by beauty, and you'll have the eyes and heart to appreciate them. When you feel more appreciative and thankful for all the beauty there is, you'll have beauty in your heart and you'll radiate with a touch of glow in your eyes...

Enjoy beauty quotes here-beauty quotes


s a r said…
beauty is subjective.

thanks dear for sharing :)
dreamygirl said…
yes..welcome dear sar..he3 -p
Ini Kisah Tia said…
yup , bukan cantik pada wajah je ;)

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